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Social Media


Public oriented applications like email, Facebook and Whatsapp are used by the Victims especially educated people very easily to approach the 'SHE TEAM', where the Victim’s identity will not be disclosed at any cost. With this initiation of email, Facebook and Twitter accounts, many complaints regarding eve-teasing are received, which are attended by the Teams immediately, resulting in the Victim’s satisfaction.

Apart from the above Social networking apps, ‘SHE TEAM’ even attends the Crime Against Women posts reported through HAWK EYE Mobile App of Hyderabad City Police.

The ‘SHE TEAM’ in collaboration with the HAWK EYE Mobile App of Hyderabad City Police is striving hard towards a Women Safer Society.


The Most imporatant emergency services featured by Hawk Eye are SOS, Crime Against Women and Women Travel Made Safe

SOS: Is a message broadcast in an emergency, an attempt to contact a person whose whereabouts not known. As the needy press the SOS button, an emergency pre-set message will be delivered to 5 recipient set by the user, and the same will be delivered to the Local Police Mobile/ Patrolling Cars/ Main Police Control Room, denoting the Victim’s location with parameters mentioned in terms of longitude/ latitude. Victim’s location will be kept for tracing, till the nearby Police Team reach the needy to resolve the threat.

Crime Against Women: Is the feature categorized for the Women Related Offences. These posts will be escalated to SHE Team for further action..

Women Travel Made Safe: Iis the preventive mechanism where the user reports their journey through Hawk Eye by furnishing details such as Vehicle No, Type Boarding Place and Destination place. Specially designed for the safety of women, who has to travel at the odd hours of the day. On reporting, they will be asked to send the comment if they face any untoward incidents during the journeys or to press SOS if any immediate threat they face.


The social media like email, Facebook and Whatsapp are used by the victims especially educated people very easily to approach the SHE teams as they are sure that their identity will not be revealed at any cost. Since the opening of email, face book account and twitter, many complaints regarding eve teasing are received which are attended by the teams immediately resulting in the victim’s satisfaction.

We receive lot of information of teasing at different places and timings in the City. The teams visit there to nab the offenders and to create awareness programs. People are sharing their opinions on how the teams are working and giving suggestions for improvement also.


    In one of the instances one lady posted that she is receiving abusive postings describing her profile picture on her face book page. The person sent a friend request which she did not accept it. As she was not reacting to his posts, to get her reaction somehow he started posting abusive messages on her page. Though he was blocked, he started to send inappropriate messages describing her profile picture. She was advised to come to she team. First she was reluctant as she was afraid that her name and details will come out and the accused may cause harm to her in future. When the SHE team gave assurance that her details will be kept very confidential, she was convinced and approached the team. she gave a complaint, based on which a case was booked under Cyber crimes, Nirbhaya Act. The person was caught at Karimnagar. He was arrested and sent to judicial remand. The victim felt relieved and thanked the SHE team for the excellent job.

    In another instance one lady was walking on a road near lothukunta at about 12 noon. One auto driver came to her and asked whether she want an auto. she refused and started walking. The auto driver again went to her and asked her for auto. She again refused. But he drove the auto following her slowly and started smiling and passing vulgar comments on her. she was frightened as there was no one moving on the road. Made a call to her husband immediately and posted on SHE team face book page about the problem and asked for help. Immediately SHE team took up the case, the auto driver was traced, his identity was confirmed by the victim and he was handed over to the local PS. A case under 506, 509 IPC was booked. He was arrested and sent to judicial remand. The victim and her husband and friend came to thank the SHE team for the marvellous job.

    Many such incidents are there where victims felt happy, confident and secure. The reactions of people are received through messages, notifications, posts on page and comments to the press publications. 99% people appreciated the good work being done to instil a sense of security and confidence among people. 1% have passed negative and discouraging remarks. Some suggestions are also given by the people to further improve the services of the SHE team.

    Future Plan of Action

  • To Reach the People through Short Films, documnetaries
  • Movie slides in Multiplexes and Cinema Theatres.
  • Enacting and playing folk songs especially written and composed for SHE Teams to each slum areas and under educated People
  • Conducting Massive Awareness meetings at big co-education colleges along with NGO Organizations and Minors caught in eve-teasing who are voluntarily participating in anti-eve teasing capmaign.
  • Establishing permanent Women help/ Counselling Centre
  • By way of advertisement through celebrities
  • Signature campaigning in support of SHE Teams to get at least 10 Lakh Signatures
  • Preparing inspirational messages in pamphlets with examples of good and bad people and distributing
  • Preparing She SHE Team bands, Caps, Tattoos, T- Shirts, Hand Kerchiefs, Cooling Glasses, Sharpners, Boxes, Botteles, Glasses, Plates, Wall Clocks, Wrist Watches, Decorative articles and other accessories and releasing in the market to reach out to people of all ages.
  • Concentrating on Schools for awareness campaign to educate the children from childhood itself to be in the right path and to live confidently.
  • Using the support of media, press, volunteers, social organisations, women organisations, and all the forums available to work together with the SHE team to make it a mass movement against eve teasing and women harassment to achieve the aim of providing a safe and secure environment to the people of the state.


  • ‘SHE’ teams have today induced fear among eve-teasers. Tomorrow this should turn into a habit.A day should come where women will be given her due respect.She would be able to move freely without fear, anywhere, anytime and enjoy the right to freedom in its true spirit. The dream of Safe, Smart and Secure Telangana State will come true.

    Social Responsibility

  • All Citizens are encouraged to report any kind of harassment, they witness. The public have got assured that, Victim or the person, who is reporting such information would not be exposed anywhere and their names and Phone numbers would not be revealed to anyone.
  • Many Such incidents are there where vitims felt happy, confident and secure. The feedback from people received through messages, notifications, posts on page and comments to the press publications. 99% of the people appriciated the good work being done to instill a sense of security and confidence among people. 1% have passed negative and discouraging remarks. Some suggestions are also given by the people to further improve the services of the SHE Team.


  • With the massive awareness programs, digital displays, radio, TV and media briefings conducted on the eve teasing cases caught and counselling sessions conducted, involving NGOs, effective utilization of Social media like E-mail, Face book, Whats app and Twitter, many people came to know about the SHE team and the facilities provided for women safety. Sea of complaints started coming to the SHE team which are being solved as per law and to the utmost satisfaction of the victims.